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Boardrm is a specialist recruitment platform that nurtures careers at every stage, but we are more than just a recruitment platform. We are a community built on trust and teamwork, with the confidence and drive to get you where you need to be, together. That's why we have created the Coffee on the Couch Podcast! These videos will invite guests to share experiences and knowledge in a relaxed conversation over Coffee on the Couch.

Ep 11 - Marina Paparakou
Coffee On The Couch

In episode 11 of Coffee On The Couch, we spoke to Marina Paparakou. As a Therapeutic Coach, Hypnotist/Hypnotherapis, Marina helps people live a happier and more fulfilled life. In our recent Coffee On The Couch episode, we got to speak to her about well-being and the benefits of taking time for yourself to grow. We loved having her in the studio!

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