How office design can impact recruitment and productivity

1 minute read | 16 May 2022
Physical work environments can have more impact on work productivity, than you might imagine. As well as being the initial impression of the company to prospecting employees, this is a space where the workforce spends most of their week.
Therefore, not only does the space need to be ergonomically efficient, but it is also worth considering the physical surroundings on how they can impact recruitment and productivity.
New research reveals that an inspiring workspace counted towards interviewees accepting job offers, as well as retaining staff in the long run.
First impressions.

If you are a company who host clients, investors or partners on site for events or meetings, it is in your best interest to provide an environment which displays your company’s values and culture.
It could count towards a decision of a new deal or the hiring of new and valuable talent.

Office design that the company and its workforce can be proud of, bolster a happier team, as well as attracting and retaining the best staff.
If you are looking to onboard new employees, presenting an impressive office can spark their imagination, as they can picture themselves working for you in such a well thought out environment.
Psychologically, we tend to connect a considered space to a mindful employer.
What impression would a run-down dirty office give? One would imagine the lack of care towards the office, also extends to a lack of care for the employees.


Bright, well organised and welcoming spaces have a positive impact on the wellbeing of staff and promote higher energy levels which lead to more productive output.
When moral is negatively impacted, creativity levels fall – and when people are happy at work, they are more engaged and show higher levels of concentration.

Often, we spend a lot of our time at work so it should be tasteful and harmonious as possible. No one should be made to feel uncomfortable at their desk, so avoiding clutter and cramped spaces is essential. If there are additional areas or rooms to work in, this should be encouraged as sometimes a change of environment is key to collaboration and new ideas.

Optimum conditions.

Lighting, temperature and ventilation are also key factors towards office design. Not only does this promote comfort and productivity, but health too. Natural light is key in keeping workers alert, focused and avoiding headaches.
Humming, flickering and dull office lights can lead to migraines, so it is important the space utilises it its use of natural light.
Providing a space where staff can work at their best is key to a successful team. An optimum temperature is ideal in keeping people focused, but also comfortable. It can be very distracting when your temperature is too hot or too cold


Furniture also plays a significant part in maintaining a happy workforce. Investing in high quality chairs and tables not only looks good but is healthier for the employees too. The look and feel of the furniture can create a more comfortable environment – but you don’t want it so comfortable that staff fall asleep at the desk! Providing lumbar support and adjustable chairs which suits their height at the desk, is useful towards creating an ergonomic workstation, which will ensure everyone is sat correctly. Poor posture can sometimes lead to long term pain, which in turn could result in more time off work to recover.

Other areas.

Having a space to withdraw to, whether on a lunch break or a bit of time out is ideal. Having that separate space to wind down, helps people feel recharged for when they get back to work. A tea or lunch station is naturally a good area for people to wind down and convene at, so providing the basics, such as a kettle, microwave and drinks selections help staff feel cared for.

There are many benefits to bringing a little ‘Feng Shui’ to the office. Investing in the overall ambience of the office space is a worthwhile gain, and a bright and welcoming space will motivate staff to be more creative and produ

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