The employer's checklist to attracting and retaining top talent

1 minute read | 12 April 2022
You’ve just placed a job advert and now you want to get the best pool of candidates to apply. We’ve put together a checklist to help you attract and retain top talent and filter out the ones less applicable for the job. Keeping your new employee engaged and loyal to the company goes a long way in building a successful business, and a team who works towards a united purpose keeps productivity high. 

Know the company's mission.

Mission statements create a core identity for a company and create a clear objective for everyone to base decisions off. Positive company values are important in emphasising what your brand stands for and help your team work towards a shared goal – no matter the role.
This brings us onto the job description itself. Highlight their key responsibilities as well as the perks, salary and benefits of the role. This will place you in a good position of finding the right candidate for the position

Build an employee-focused culture.

Create an environment where ideas, creativity and communication can flow freely. Encouraging innovation creates a positive culture and allows people to feel like they can express their ideas and feel valued.
This is important to put across in your manifesto, as well as explaining this during interviews to build excitement and sell the role to prospects. Remember, the interviewee will be selling themselves for the role, but you will also need to show some conviction behind the business

Implement an effective onboarding program.

Having a formal onboarding program will help your employees feel welcome and supported from day one. During this period, consider offering any support, mentorship, team building and training to improve quality of work, as well as retention and a happier work environment.
You could even consider involving employees in recruiting, by encouraging referrals and growing the team from within. A team who works well together, encourages people to stay longer.
It may be useful to gather feedback from new hires after a probation period, to gain useful insight into areas that need improvement


Meeting face to face at events often means encountering people who show initiative and drive to further their careers or gain new opportunities. This also allows you to present your company in an interesting and engaging way, as well as gaining you more contacts and connections

Build your brand/site/content.

Having a stand-out online presence is key to showing off who you really are as a business. Appearing, and being established makes you a desirable company to work for, as this shows you are serious about hiring the best of the best.

If you lack creativity or initiative in your website design and have a lack-lustre attitude on your socials, it can come across as a lack of attention to detail. Therefore, it is important that you have a clean and efficient site and enough social media content to show trustworthiness and build reach.

Offer a competitive salary and benefits package.

Last but not least, having a reasonable salary for the role, as well as displaying this on your listing will encourage a large pool of potential candidates. Knowing the expected salary upfront lets a candidate understand whether a job will be viable for them and helps streamline conversations later in the hiring process. Job seekers often value the transparency and helps cut out the middleman for both parties.
Having desirable benefits like decent holiday pay and fair leave, either for maternity or illness encourages people to stay in a role, as they feel valued as a person.

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