Salary expectations

Salary Expectations

5 minute read | 16 September 2021

The “money talk” when it comes to salary expectations and what to ask your employer can be awkward but it’s a very important conversation to have. Failing to mention it in the interview stage could lead to a salary offer that doesn’t reflect your professional worth.

By salary expectation we mean the pay you’re expecting to receive for fulfilling a specific role. The biggest tip for this, specifically if you’re a graduate or are still getting on your feet in the industry, is research. A quick Google or LinkedIn search will let you know what’s the average for the role. The first step is to research the market and salary trends in that industry. After you find out the average salary for the role you’re applying, establish a salary range. For example, the average wage for the role is £36,000, the salary range would be between £32,000-£39,000. This is the biggest tip we can give you. Salary ranges allow you to aim higher and room for negotiation.

If you get asked in an interview or later in the recruitment process what are your salary expectations, here are some examples of how to answer:

“I’m looking for a salary between £30,000 to £33,000. Considering my number of years of experience and skill set, I think this is a fair salary range.”

“Thank you for taking the time to discuss the benefits package that comes with this job. Taking into consideration my vast experience and the value that this will add to your company, I’m looking for a salary of approximately £40,000 per year. How does that sound to you?”

“The industry average for this job role is around £55,000. Given my experience, qualifications and skills, I’m looking for a role that pays around the same.”

“Thank you for asking. While I’m fairly flexible, I’m looking at jobs that are paying a salary of around £30,000. Is this similar what you’re offering?”

Extra Tips.

Here are some extra tips that might help you:

  • Be prepared to start a conversation about salary if the employer / recruiter doesn’t mention it.
  • Be a confident as you can when asked what’s your salary expectation
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for a little extra (as mentioned before this can go a long way in the negotiation process
  • Don’t mention salary expectation on your CV nor Cover Letter (unless you are asked to do so)
  • Be as flexible and reasonable as you can as in many cases employers have a maximum amount, they are willing to pay and don’t forget the negotiation power with other perks for example

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