Online Learning to Boost Your Career

Online Learning to Boost Your Career

5 minute read | 16 September 2021

Online learning has become one of the biggest trends in the learning sphere, mainly due to COVID-19 creating a need for more jobs that require more skills. If you’re looking to learn a new skill that could bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be, here’s how you can use online learning tools to give your career a boost.

Regardless of what stage you are in professionally or academically, it will always be beneficial to expand your knowledge with soft skills, expert industry-specific knowledge or extra support in an area you are already familiar with. And with access to the internet, you have an unlimited supply of online learning resources to help you grow your skillset with marketable skills in any and every area.

How to Get Started.

Start by researching online learning courses.

  1. Think about your short-term and long-term goals. How do you want to expand your skillset, and what fields are you interested in?
  2. Search on various learning platforms for courses that relate to the skills you want to acquire.
  3. List all of your findings in one place to make them easy to access for reference.
  4. It’s helpful to read the course reviews and ratings of the courses you are looking into to compare other people’s experiences.

Once you’ve figured out what types of courses you’re interested in, you can start to make the most out of exploring your options and finding a platform that works for you.

Find Online Courses to Grow Your Skillset
Find Online Courses to Grow Your Skillset.

Online learning platforms are “all about empowering professionals to recognise the skills they already have and make the move into areas where they can continue to use and develop those skills, ” says Justin Cook, chief content and partnerships officer at online training firm FutureLearn.

There are thousands of free online courses available through various platforms, depending on the industry and field you are interested in. Platforms such as Google, FutureLearn, LinkedIn, The Online University and The Free Course Site offer short courses, video lectures, and online degrees that range from Digital Marketing and Career Development to Data and Tech (and pretty much anything else you can think of).

Most of these courses come with credible or professional certifications that you can add to your CV. The more courses you complete, the more skills you can add to your CV to diversify your skillset. What’s great is that these online courses have flexible learning times, so you can complete them on your own time, especially if you work full-time or lead a busy life.

Unsure of What to Course to Do.

If you are unsure of what to learn, think about your career goals long-term and research the skills and attributes you need. If you are still unsure, there are several skills that you can continuously develop and take to another level. For example, learning a new language can boost your career. Not only is it fun and exciting, but it can open up your career prospects and progression to massive markets.

Additionally, being able to communicate in more than one language will give you the edge in job interviews and increase your chances of standing out compared to your peers when competing for a job position or promotion. Other skills such as leadership, communication (maybe management) can always be helpful.

Unsure of What to Course to Do

Regardless of your professional or academic stage, online learning is a powerful tool to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. With access to thousands of free online courses and learning platforms, you can add credible certificates to your CV and boost your skillset with an array of marketable skills.

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