How to bounce back from redundancy.

1 minute read | 21 October 2022

It is frustrating to lose your job and have zero control over it. Often it can knock your confidence and cause a huge amount of stress with all the uncertainty it brings. But it is important to remember that this can happen to anyone! Maybe it could be a chance to pursue something better? This might be a bigger opportunity than you realise.
The right mindset can get you back on track to secure the future you desire – and as your career partner for life, we are here to support you on your journey and help you bounce back from redundancy. 

Have the right mindset.

Taking the right steps early on, can improve your chances of securing a job you are happy with. Try not to take redundancy personally – it simply comes down to businesses needing to adapt or restructure in order to survive. While this seems unfair, it is not a reflection on your abilities or your time at the company. 
Take this as an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve learnt at your last place of employment. What did you like about it? What did you dislike? Which skills did you learn along the way and how can these be applied to your new role? 
This could be a good time to take a break and re connect to what your main passions are. 


Scan your area for events taking place and form new connections with the people you meet. You never know; it could lead onto new opportunities down the line, or you could hear about new job openings!
Putting yourself out there and talking about your skills makes you more memorable than being yet another email in a hiring managers inbox. Making a great impression is a sure way to stay in people’s minds and be consider for upcoming job openings.
Another useful way to get noticed is to ensure your LinkedIn profile is set up to reflect your current availability and skills. Connect with people who work in the industries you are interested in and spark up a conversation – It never hurts to try!

Revamp your CV and Cover Letters.

We say ‘Cover Letters’ because, as we advised in our other articles, it is beneficial to tailor your applications to each company. This will really allow you to stand out from the rest. When you submit a “one size fits all” application there will likely be information on it, which is irrelevant to the job description. Plus, recruiters will know when you’ve tailored it or not.
Recruiters want to see that you can take in important information and see that your skills match the role they have advertised.
Read through their requirements at least 2-3 times before customising your cover letter or application. By providing a bespoke application just for them, you show that you are serious about working for them.
Mention your strengths and what you have learned from your previous role. As you have been made redundant, don’t feel like you need to keep this a secret as it is not a reflection on your performance. Instead, speak about your resilience during uncertain times and how this can be applied to the job.

Understand the market and if anything has changed.

Depending on how long it has been since you last looked for a new job, changing times mean industry trends can fluctuate.
As technology advances, try to learn what is now an integral requirement for the industry you specialise in.
There are many free courses and tons of information at your fingertips to top up your knowledge on new software and internal company apps.

This obviously depends on which sector you wish to work in but remember that even if you are in expert in your field, it never hurts to improve your knowledge.

We hope our tips have helped. Just remember to keep a positive mindset and see this as an opportunity to gain a better job than the one before! This is a useful way to take a step back and figure out what you really want to do, as well as polish your CV and stand out from the rest.

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