Average UK salary by industry, age and education

1 minute read | 7 September 2022
It is always important to know your worth and value as an individual, as well as an employee. Although people rarely discuss salaries with their co-workers, staying in the know regarding your pay lets you assess whether you are earning above or below the average salary. As your career partner for life, we want to make sure you stay savvy in the world of work. Find out whether you could earn more, based on your speciality, age and education.

The average full-time UK salary varies across the different regions, but if after reading this article, you feel like you fall under the average bracket – you could be entitled to a raise! 

Basic facts about UK salaries.
  • The average UK yearly salary in 2020 was £30,000.
  • The average male worker earns around £5000 more than their female co-workers.
  • Londoners have the highest average salary in the UK.
  • The average CEO salary in the UK in 2021 was £80,000.
  • The lowest paid profession in the UK is bar work.
  • The highest paid industries are within finance and legal professions
The median UK salary in the current year 2022 is around £30,000 - £35,000. This figure varies depending on which industry you focus on and when looking at differences between age, educational background, area of the UK and many other factors.
Usually, the higher the education you received, the more you earn later in life – depending on the profession you choose.  


University graduates in the UK earn on average around £10,000 more than undergraduates in their careers. However, if someone has decided not to enter higher education, it is likely they have entered the world of work a few years prior to university students. This generally means they have been earning a salary for a few years longer – so you do not always need to be university educated, in order to build a good career.
This also depends on which type of course a student has decided to pursue and whether it matches their job prospects after graduation. 
Either way, the average earnings in the UK increase, when correlating to post grad education depending on the industry. 


The legal age to earn money is technically 13 years old, however strict rules apply when young people under 16 can work. If you are aged 13-16, you are not allowed to work during school hours and you can work for a maximum of two hours on a school day or a Sunday.

As you accrue more experience in the workplace, your value increases as an employee. This increase should also apply to your salary over time. Although there is a direct correlation between age and salary, different variables also apply to how much you earn, as we have outlined. The average earnings by age in the UK are as follows:

  • 18 – 21 years: £18,000
  • 22 – 29 years: £26,000
  • 30 – 39 years: £32,000
  • 40 – 49 years: £35,000
  • 50 59: £33,000
  • 60+: £28,000

While graduates continue to benefit with higher wages, we hope the list below provides you with an idea of the average earnings based on the most popular industries.

Marketing Manager: £40,000
Sales Manager: £42,000
HR Administrator: £24,000
Data Analyst: £35,000
Dentist: £70,000
Nurse: £30,000
Secretary: £22,000
Accountant: £30,000
Hair Stylist: £25,000
Teaching Assistant: £18,000
Chef: £25,000

When applying for a new job, or assessing your current pay, it is useful to have an idea of the basic going rate for the salary in your field.
Take the time to do your own research and stay updated with the shifting economy. Consider your own background and experiences, while negotiating or researching the average pay – certain factors like age and experience are variables which may tip the scale in terms of salary expectations, but the more clued in you are about your chosen industry, the easier it will be to know if you are being paid a fair wage.

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